Bluestone is proud to work with industry leaders in cloud sales, marketing, and documents. Click below to learn more about our partner organizations.

Over 100,000 customers trust the Salesforce cloud CRM platform to integrate their data in the cloud. Bluestone Consulting Group is an official partner of Learn more about Bluestone’s Enterprise Cloud Services and Enterprise Cloud Services solutions.


Ready to bring the power of the cloud into your marketing program? Dashcord is the native marketing solution for It adds on-platform marketing automation, lifecycle management, web tracking, dynamic lead scoring, analytics, and email capabilities – all without integration. Benefit from increased customer visibility, less time spent managing campaigns, and higher quality lead conversions. Learn how Bluestone can propel your enterprise towards total confluence of sales and marketing with the Dashcord solution.



Bluestone is pleased to be a certified partner of WebMerge.  With this partnership, Bluestone helps customers automatically generate professional-looking documents directly from their data.  Learn how WebMerge can work for you.

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