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DashcordBluestone Consulting Group has partnered with Dashcord, a native marketing automation and event management solution for Salesforce adding customer lifecycles, analytics, email, lead optimization, and events, on-platform without integration.

With this partnership, Bluestone will work with Salesforce customers interested in extending their use of Salesforce from Sales/Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into a robust marketing tool. More clients are turning to Bluestone to assist with integrating their sales and marketing activities and Salesforce. For those clients who need assistance with nurturing and scoring their sales leads, Bluestone offers marketing as a service (MaaS). With the native capabilities of Dashcord, clients can extend their sales and marketing data with ease, automating personalized campaign journeys that are targeted to individuals.

Dashcord is a native marketing automation and lifecycle management solution for Salesforce adding customer intelligence, analytics, email, lead optimization — on-platform without integration.

Most marketing systems suffer from the fact that they exist outside of your CRM system and need to be integrated. Different systems with different databases lead to increased complexity. When marketing data is divorced from sales and support, customer experience suffers. Using native, on-platform tools ensures that customer information is consistent across the entire organization and allows for greater depth of insight into a customer’s needs.

Track, Listen, Learn, Respond

Work within Salesforce, using information from across your organization to build better customer profiles. Updates are made to records inside the familiar and trusted world of Salesforce where all functional areas of your business can take advantage — marketing, sales, and support.  View activity as it happens, automate responses, and assign tasks to others based on customer activity.

  • Optimize lead pipelines
  • Score and track customer engagement with web, print, and digital
  • Manage intelligent email campaign journeys
  • Personalize customer communications
  • Visualize data from within Salesforce records
  • Easily configurable through wizard based system
  • Make tools or charts available to any Salesforce user as needed
  • Share activity updates through generated Chatter posts

Go Native!

Marketing automation, lifecycle management, customer intelligence and analytics — all within Salesforce.