Creating Co-Marketing Opportunities with Partners at Events

Creating Co-Marketing Opportunities with Partners at Events


Collaborating with partners at industry events is a fantastic way to co-market. Not only does it offer you the chance to spread the word on your joint partner marketing offering but you also get to build your brand with an entirely new and different audience – your partner’s!

When you begin building your event plan, determine if any of your partners will also be represented onsite and what their involvement will be. If it’s an industry tradeshow, is there an opportunity to co-exhibit and/or share floor space? Are there joint speaking or presentation opportunities? If this isn’t an ideal situation, perhaps consider having a joint literature rack in each booth that highlights the partner solution.

If you’ve got a number of partners who will be onsite, consider adding a kiosk to your exhibit space. Designate an area, preferably on the isle where your partners can maximize their exposure and demo their product/services. Include an area to store extra collateral and add a monitor for rolling PowerPoints. Create a schedule, allowing 15 minutes between each shift to ensure partners can finish conversations. Confirm times with each partner prior to the event and send calendar notices to the onsite representatives so everything runs smoothly.

Other ways to capitalize on a synergistic partnership at events:

  • Issue joint partner press releases: Take the opportunity to issue a joint press release if both partners will be onsite for an event. Announce your formalized partnership, if you haven’t done so already. If the partnership is ‘old’ news, don’t repeat it, try to find a new angle – perhaps a recent win, support of a joint charity, or just an announcement that you’ll be onsite together and can discuss your value proposition with those interested in learning more.
  • Collaborate on joint editorial opportunities: Be proactive! Research what media representatives you can invite or are already scheduled to attend. Reach out to them with information about your company and the partner you would like to highlight. Offer to meet over coffee. Editorial teams are always looking for new stories to cover and for opportunities to capture new readers.
  • Host an onsite event at an industry tradeshow: Hold an executive briefing or breakfast. Have joint clients? Ask them to discuss the success they’ve had with both companies. Again, a great way to reach your partner’s network while splitting the expenses.

Consider partners when you’re putting together your event management plan. Having the opportunity to co-market your solution live and in front of interested prospects is a win-win!