Summer Is a Great Time to Evaluate Your Marketing Plan

Summer Is a Great Time to Evaluate Your Marketing Plan


The summer months are a great time for marketing organizations to regroup. As we all know and have experienced, time can get away from us. Unfortunately, in the midst of this chaos sometimes you might find that it’s easier to do things the way ‘they’ve always been done’ versus shaking things up and making necessary changes. Take some time over the next several months to evaluate your marketing activities and determine what might need to be tweaked to maximize your success in the Fall. You can bet, I’ll be doing it too!

  • Your Event Calendar – Evaluate your remaining events for the year. Based on the events you’ve attended to date, did you reach your goals? Did you secure the number of leads you wanted to obtain (and the quality), any speaking opportunities and/or onsite sales meetings? How is the follow-up going? If you didn’t get the visibility you were counting on, take a look at your Fall event line up and see if you know anyone from the organizations (committee members, etc.). If you recognize the names, contact them and make some recommendations for ways to add value to the event program. Another option is to review the exhibitor lists and brainstorm on partner opportunities. Consider co-marketing with pre-event activities or host an event onsite inviting partners and/or customers.
  • Did Your Lead Generation Campaigns Land Any Business? – How did your campaigns fare? Did you receive a large number of unsubscribes from one or two specific campaigns? How many leads did you get from each campaign? Were they quality leads? Taking time to review the campaigns you’ve completed against those that are in the pipeline for the Fall might save you some headaches down the road. Consider your process, forget the mass emails and begin to focus on more personal campaigns.
  • How’s that Lead Scoring & Nurturing Going? – Yes, I know, you feel like everyone’s doing it and you’re not. You don’t need a sophisticated sales and marketing engine or a large database to begin the process. Just start! Segment a solid list that you want to market against, determine your lead scoring attributes and begin. Yes, without a marketing automation system, the process might be harder but go ahead and get your feet wet with a smaller group and see if it works for you. If you’ve already established a scoring and nurturing process, then spend some time looking at your results. Are you working on a 100 point scoring system, if so should you consider moving to a 10? Consider setting up a meeting with the sales organization to have an open discussion on their perception of the quality of leads they’re receiving. Do you need to reevaluate and update your sales and marketing agreement?
  • Does Your CRM Need a Facelift – Have You Seen Your Data Lately? – Have you been meaning to do some data cleansing but haven’t had the time. Ask for a few generated reports from your CRM system as well as screen shots of the current interface for Accounts, Contact and Campaigns. Do you want to add fields to track additional data on your leads? Mock up the screen shots and request changes that will assist your marketing process.
  • Go Ahead and Add that Tiny Umbrella to Your Content Beverage – Whether it’s the fresh air or the sunshine, the summer has always proved to be a great time for me to review my content, both in print and online. Consider your goals for the remainder of the year – do they align with your current messaging? Have you gotten the responses you hoped you would from your taglines and landing pages? Have you looked at your competitors’ websites lately? If not, now’s the time. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and take some chances. Work on your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Try some new metatags and key words to see if they help with your organization’s ranking on the search engines. Sometimes you’ve got to stand out in order to be heard.

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