Utilizing Social Media at an Event

Utilizing Social Media at an Event

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Incorporating social media into your event management plan is a big plus and can help to establish your brand in the industry. Here are some items to consider when putting together your event and social media strategy:

What social media platforms will yield the best results for my business? If you’re in the B2B space, you definitely want to utilize LinkedIn and Twitter. LinkedIn and its sophisticated business network will help you begin to build and position your expertise online. Twitter can be used to share snapshots (both visual and non) of your exhibit plans and messaging. Consider tweeting some teasers in your organization’s area of expertise and link them back to your website for more information. Ask your colleagues to share the news, expanding visibility into networks that may not follow your LinkedIn or Twitter accounts.

When do I begin my social media attack? For events like tradeshows, you should begin your social media as soon as you’ve signed the exhibit contract. Visit the Twitter page of the event you’re exhibiting at and begin following it immediately; conduct some research and identify top users and begin to follow their updates. Determine what relevant hash tags will help propel your tweets and start building a social media calendar specific to the event. Consistency is key. The more often you promote your business, the likelier you’ll have new followers and build momentum around your brand, services and offerings.

How do I promote my presence at my event on social media? Consider a contest. This will not only drive interest in your organization, but it will increase your Twitter following while promoting your presence at the event. Make it simple and fun! Everyone loves to win something so even a gift certificate or an electronics gadget garners the attention of those watching you.

Should I stop using social media once the event happens? Absolutely not! Post a picture of your team onsite in the assembled exhibit space. Have a relaxed company culture, tweet the top #5 places to visit in your event city. A designated social media contact from your company should be posting/tweeting throughout the event – consider including highlights from keynote speakers, partner updates and new discoveries in the industry. And your onsite and offsite team members need to be alerted to share Tweets. Advice: be sure to check on the Wi-Fi connection as soon as you arrive at the event facility. It’s not unheard of to have trouble catching an Internet signal in large convention halls which means you may need to go outside and/or find alternative places to post your social media news.

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