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Our Approach

Our Approach – Tailored to Your Needs

Agile Approach for the Cloud

Delivery excellence is at the core of every client and internal project. We’re grounded in best practices as endorsed by the Project Management Institute, the Software Engineering Institute, and other standards focused groups. But it’s our experience applying these best practices in real-world situations that enables successful outcomes. Your project comes with its own unique set of risks, challenges, people, and cultural norms. We are adept at rapidly understanding and adapting to your project conditions so that we can see what the “right things” are for your project. With this knowledge, we structure and plan your project so that it will function in your world, stressing the proven practices that provide the:

      • most value given your priorities;
      • least risk given your challenges;
      • most efficiency given your budget; and
      • most effective methods given your team and culture.

Collaboration and Transparency

We are doing this work with you and for you, so we run projects collaboratively. Our mission is to enable your success by providing visibility into the project at your convenience. For your project, we’ll establish secure tools and best practices so we can jointly share and maintain project plans, status, and work products as they evolve. You’ll be able to see what you want to see, when you want to see it.


At Bluestone, we pride ourselves on the quality and professionalism of our consultants and the teams they form to conduct projects with you. We review our projects to assess risk, monitor issue resolution and resource allocation, review budgets and refresh timelines to ensure that each project moves forward. Our Bluestone Program Management Team gets involved early so that barriers to success are eliminated quickly and your project stays on track.


Methodology is a scary word. But all it really means is the collection of people, processes, and tools needed to conduct a project. Every type of project employs a methodology, but usually when we hear people talk about methodology, they are talking about a software project. And, these days, usually when they talk about software project methodology, they don’t just talk, they argue about which is superior: a traditional “waterfall”, incremental, or Agile methodology. With experience in all of these, we have observed that each approach can be effective in the right environment, and ineffective in the wrong one. At Bluestone, we work with you to consider a set of project and cultural conditions that tell us which approach will work best for your situation.