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Bluestone is a technology & management consulting firm delivering Enterprise Cloud Computing solutions to healthcare providers nationwide. We partner with clients to accelerate practice growth and improve business operations. Our team leverages best practices from traditional business functions to drive the confluence of sales, marketing, finance, and strategic planning. We help you to drive revenue and top-line growth. Providers can then re-invest their profits to fund and improve their clinical efforts and deliver on their mission.

Bluestone PRM

PRM is a Physician Relationship Management and Strategy Execution tool built on Salesforce.com, but modeled for the provider environment. PRM gives you a central place to manage and coordinate all of your physician relationships efforts including acquisition, affiliation, recruitment, on-boarding, referral and performance management. PRM at its core is an alignment platform.

MarketingRecruiting & OnboardingReferralPerformance


The Bluestone PRM Marketing Module provides you a marketing automation capability that can support your business development, physician communication and education, and referral management efforts.

Develop campaigns to help identify targets for referral, affiliation, or recruiting activities. Create drip campaigns to nurture lower prioritized relationships while your liaisons and business development staff focus their efforts on higher profile relationships.

Utilize physician communications as a tool to help influence physician behavior in support of your referral and performance improvement efforts. Put the focus on the referrals and relationships that you want. Influence behavior and practices in order to support your performance efforts.

Recruiting & Onboarding

The recruiting module allows you to identify the physicians and practices that best fit your model and provides a tool to help you to acquire them. Centrally manage all of your recruiting and on-boarding activities whether an acquisition, affiliation, or direct hire.

Ensure alignment of your recruiting and on-boarding activities with your strategic and go-to-market plan.

Coordinate the various teams involved in the recruiting and on-boarding process including, clinical, business development, finance, operations, and executive management.

Provide better visibility into the process for all parties involved. See where the process stands for each individual applicant, and where your team stands in regards to the execution of the strategy.


Bluestone pulls all of your referral data into PRM allowing you to track referrals by service-line, specialty, practice, or physician. Identify the referrals you want and acquire them from physicians matching your specific criteria.

Tie your business development and outreach efforts to your strategies. Coordinate your recruiting and referral development efforts in order to execute your strategies.

Centrally manage all liaison outreach efforts, increase liaison productivity, and ensure that they are spending their time with the physicians that best match your profile and have the best chance of doing business with you.

Identify network leakage and ensure that referrals that you want to keep in network, stay in network.

PRM helps you identify the referrals that you want and provides a solution to help you to acquire them.


The PRM Performance Module provides a Physician Scorecard, allowing you to identify your top performances and your underachievers, and, through PRM, provides you a method to implement and manage an improvement plan. Better track the physicians that you want to keep and also those that you want to divest from your network.

Monitor performance by location, service-line, practice, or physician against any number of metrics including referral volumes, profitability, and type, productivity, complications, length of stay, readmissions, and RVU’s just to name a few.

Track the performance of your physician network and coordinate wellness and improvement plans. Communicate best practices and ensure adherence to protocols. Bluestone’s PRM solution provides you the mechanism to turn your intelligence into action.

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Security & PRMWho We Work WithPRM Features

Security & PRM

Security is not just a feature, but a core tenet of PRM. We don’t handle patient data, only referral data; however we still treat all data as highly sensitive. Bluestone’s PRM is built on Salesforce.com. Salesforce.com is an SAS 70 Type II certified HIPAA capable, CRM system. Bluestone has furthered this by implementing strong access controls and field level security functions within PRM.

Who We Work With

We focus exclusively on the healthcare provider market, both independent practices and physician groups, and large Health Systems and Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs). We support the entire provider value-chain including:

  • Independent Practices
  • Independent Physician Groups
  • Hospitals
  • Health Systems
  • IDNs
  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
  • Labs & Diagnostics
  • Physical Therapy
  • Surgical Centers
  • Home Health & Visiting Nurse Associations (VNAs)
  • Senior Care
  • Long Term Care
  • Hospices
  • Outpatient Services
  • Urgent Care & Alternative Delivery Clinics

Bluestone PRM Features

Bluestone PRM builds on core Salesforce platform functionality to provide tailor-made features tailor-made for healthcare providers.

Provider & Physician Management
Contract & Document Management
Dashboards & Reporting
Knowledge Management
Alerts & Notifications
Prospect & Provider Scoring
Prospect & Provider Nurturing
Workflow & Approval Automation
Task & Event Tracking
Notes & History Tracking
Mobile Optimized
Visual Data Mapping
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