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Enterprise Cloud Integration

Enterprise Cloud Integration

As you embark on this journey of moving your enterprise software to the Cloud, a plan for integration and data quality are key to your success. Organizations must have a clear plan to tackle this upfront or they run the risk that Enterprise Cloud Computing will not achieve the benefits required to effectively run the day-to-day operation. Selecting a quality integration tool and SaaS solution that has the proper API’s available goes a long way toward ensuring that you capitalize on the rapid growth in Best-in-Class Software as a Service Providers.

There are many ways for a medium size business to plan and succeed at Enterprise Cloud Integration. Once you select a SaaS solution that meets your business and integration needs, your organization should plan short and long term integration strategies. Your integration solution can be comprised of one or more options:

  • Purchase of pre-built connector that integrates two SaaS Solutions
  • Select a Platform as a Service “PaaS” to build integration utilizing API’s
  • Select a Integration Platform as a Service “IPaaS” such as Informatica Cloud or Mulesoft to map and transform in the Cloud
  • Utilize a custom ETL tool such as Informatica or Microsoft SSIS, to map, transform and integrate SaaS and on-premise solutions

Data quality starts with having a good understanding of your enterprise data assets. This must not be overlooked when doing data conversion and establishing customer and prospect databases.The robust features associated with many leading SaaS products, won’t work well if your data quality is suspect. It also important to understand what is available in terms of 3rd party data and web services. Organizations no longer need to capture and maintain certain types of information for the enterprise as it is may be available as a service. Without integration, data quality becomes a huge issue for the enterprise as there can be different versions of customer information on multiple systems resulting in duplicate entry and incorrect results.


Salesforce.com is an enterprise cloud computing company that provides business software on a subscription basis. The company is best known for its on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, Force.com, Data.com and Salesforce1. Bluestone assists Salesforce.com customers by leveraging core Platform services to successfully integrate cloud and on-premise solutions across the enterprise.