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Project & Program Management

Project & Program Management

Our team brings experience with all aspects and levels of project-related issues to help our clients successfully deliver one project or many. Our highly skilled and seasoned consultants provide high value solutions for short, medium, or long-term projects. We also provide interim or advisory services to reduce risk and help you invest in your staff. We estimate, plan and manage business projects, application projects, product selection and integration projects. Moreover, we send our project managers to you with full backing and support from our own Operations and Delivery best practices, tools and executive guidance team.

Our collaborative approach provides a unique perspective that spans from C-level executives to project managers while ensuring that project goals and objectives are met. Each engagement will establish a business case, expected Return on Investment (ROI) and alignment with your business strategy to ensure that business and financial benefits can be measured.

Many of our projects require change management and vendor management experience to successfully deliver, and we provide that assistance on an as-needed basis.

Project Management

When the focus is on an individual project, Bluestone’s consultants combine a solid grounding in best practices endorsed by organizations like the Project Management Institute and the Software Engineering Institute. With years of practical experience customizing Project Management approaches to suit the culture and conditions of the individual project, Bluestone will:

  • Apply the client’s life cycle methodology and work practices
  • Establish a collaborative interaction with the client team
  • Provide supportive team building and management
  • Estimate and plan the project
  • Initiate the project with confirmation of its charter and scope
  • Measure and track project progress, budget, schedule, scope, risk, and quality
  • Perform vigilant but practical monitoring and control

Program Management

When a client’s challenge is a group of related projects that needs to be coordinated and managed in an integrated way, Bluestone’s Program Management team leverages their experience handling the special types of complexities, nuances, and logistical challenges programs can face. The Program Manager attends to the management of the group of projects in the aggregate and acts as sort of a first-level Program Management Office (PMO) for the projects:

  • Establishes program-level methods, standards, and procedures to ensure consistency and quality across all of the related projects.
  • Arbitrates contention for the allocation of resources and staff to projects, prioritizes and schedules projects, and facilitates cross-project communication.