Bluestone Consulting Group Partners With Dashcord

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Bluestone Consulting Group Partners with Dashcord

Management Consulting Firm Partners with Dashcord to Tap into Native Marketing Automation and Lifecycle Management Solution for Salesforce

Acton, Mass. – November 11, 2014 Bluestone Consulting Group (“Bluestone”), a management and technology consulting firm, today announced it has partnered with Dashcord, a native marketing automation and event management solution for Salesforce adding customer lifecycles, analytics, email, lead optimization, and events, on-platform without integration.

With this partnership, Bluestone will work with Salesforce customers interested in extending their use of Salesforce from Sales/Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into a robust marketing tool. More clients are turning to Bluestone to assist with integrating their sales and marketing activities and Salesforce. For those clients who need assistance with nurturing and scoring their sales leads, Bluestone offers marketing as a service (MaaS). With the native capabilities of Dashcord, clients can extend their sales and marketing data with ease, automating personalized campaign journeys that are targeted to individuals.

“Dashcord’s capabilities enables our Salesforce clients to effectively manage and monitor all the touch points of the customer lifecycle, from marketing to sales and post-sales support,” said Dave Gallo, Managing Director of Bluestone Consulting Group. “Having the ability to track, score and nurture a lead throughout the lifecycle of the relationship with a customer strengthens the likelihood of closing business and the possibility of repeat business. Our expertise with coupled with our MaaS program enables our clients to turn Salesforce into a centralized command center fed by real-time customer insight.”

“Dashcord came about after speaking with dozens of Salesforce customers who were starting to look at extending their use of Salesforce from Sales/CRM into marketing and events, but found that the solutions out there were not native, hard to integrate, and carried a whole set of problems related to not being native,” said Jon Kraybill, Co-founder & Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Dashcord. “Different systems with different databases lead to increased complexity. When marketing data is divorced from sales and support, customer experience suffers. Using native, on-platform tools ensures that customer information is consistent across the entire organization and allows for greater depth of insight into a customer’s needs. Personalized lifecycles, messaging, events are not solely marketing needs, adding those capabilities natively to a central location where all segments of a business can have access, greatly increases the consistency of communication across business segments throughout a customer’s lifetime.”

About Dashcord

Dashcord is hassle free Marketing and Events for Salesforce. It is fully native lifecycle automation, email marketing, lead scoring, and event management — on-platform without integration. Dashcord allows all segments of a business to better communicate with customers while providing deeper insight from within Salesforce without the need for an external database. To learn more about Dashcord, visit or call (855) 417-1145.

About Bluestone Consulting Group

Bluestone Consulting Group (“Bluestone”) is a leading management and technology consulting firm that creates and delivers transformational projects that provide a positive rate of return. Cloud Computing provides clients with a tremendous opportunity to change the way enterprise applications are developed and deployed. Bluestone leads clients through that change by providing a best-in-class solution comprised of Marketing, Sales, Service and Financial Management leveraging market leading software such as Intacct and and complex integration. Bluestone provides Enterprise Cloud integration for industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Higher Education, High Tech, and Non Profit. Bluestone leadership combines Industry Experience, Project Management and Software Development experience with time-tested methods to deliver projects on time and within budget. For more information about Bluestone, visit or call (978) 429-8551.